Biographical note

DušanNolimal, MD, MSPH

medical doctor, public health specialist, researcher

  • National Institute of Public Health
  • ICANNA – The International institute for Cannabinoids
  • National Coordinator for drugs in the WHO
  • Former Representative of Slovenia at the Pompidou Group (PG), Council of Europe

Finished medical school at University of Ljubljana School of Medicine, Ljubljana, Slovenia, in 1981 and earning a Master’s in Science of Public Health at University of Zagreb School of Medicine in 1987. He subspecialised in addiction medicine at Colorado University Health Science Centre, Addiction Research and Treatment Services, Denver, Colorado, USA and at National Institute on Drug Abuse, Addiction Research Centre, Baltimore, Maryland, USA in 1986–1990. As the Permanent Correspondent of Slovenia in The Pompidou Group ( Council of Europe) and the World Health Organization’s Slovenian National Coordinator for Drug Problems he contributed considerably to European drug policies and research by promoting the evidence base of policy and addressing ethical and human rights aspects. He was involved in developing and passing state legislation on drug prevention and treatment of addictions. As a member of the EU Science Group of European Alcohol and Health forum he provides scientific advice and guidance on matters of alcohol-related harms and developing and maintaining a common evidence base at EU level. He was National Expert Consultant for The Mobilizing Entrprises and Workers to Prevent substance Abuse in CEE Project (ILO, 1996–1999). His current work has spanned a diverse range of topics, including stress, psychosocial risks and mobbing addictions in alcohol and other drugs, health and social care for vulnerable populations, ethical and human rights aspects of public health, promotion mental health and patients’ rights, including use of cannabis as a medicine . His research focuses on social, economic, political, environmental and human rights determinants of public health conditions, in particularly the determinants of psychosocial health and social responsibility at workplaces. Also, he is also dedicated coworker of the International Institute for Cannabinoids (ICANNA), which is a non-profit NGO, which was formed by the collaboration of partners from Slovenia, Germany and Austria. The purpose of the institute is a multi-national cooperation in the field of cannabinoid research. The institute engages in scientific research and educational activities and discussions in the field of medical cannabis. The Institute achieves its goals through the implementation of research, development, analysis, education, training, counseling, monitoring, publishing, informing, raising awareness, proposing expert opinions or standpoints, offering expert advice and similar. The institute carries out its own projects as well as projects on behalf of others. Dr. Nolimal is the author and/or co-author of more than 300 scientific articles, books, editor or co-editor of different publications in the field of public health (social medicine) in Slovenia. He often speaks nationally on the sensitive public health topic and social responsibility is frequently quoted in the media.

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