About the initiative

You are kindly invited to attend the 4th seminar in the Demystifying Cannabis cycle, this year under the motto “Cannabis Renaissance”.

Cannabis is the oldest cultivated and healing plant known to mankind and throughout history it has served as an invaluable source of food, fibre raw material and medicine. Over the last seven decades, however, knowledge of its healing properties has sadly sunk into oblivion.

In order to revive this knowledge, we have been organising seminars on cannabis and its use since 2013 in Ljubljana, Belgrade, Skopje and Zagreb. 

The purpose of this and all future seminars to be within the Demystifying Cannabis cycle is primarily to gather relevant new knowledge which could be useful for doctors, pharmacists, veterinarians, legal and other experts, politicians as well as the broader public in Slovenia. 

As in the past, this year’s speakers will be top-level experts in the field. In their lectures, they will introduce us to the most recent knowledge about the medical use of cannabis in different countries around the world (Israel, Canada, USA, the Czech Republic). After their lecture, they will respond to your questions in a debate.

This year, the seminar has been organised slightly differently, as we would like to give the participants as much opportunity as possible to engage in active debate. The second day of the seminar will therefore be devoted to workshops led by the speakers.

The seminar is intended for the general public, experts, healthcare workers, politicians and officials, and is aimed at facilitating future decision-making.

Our desire is to stimulate constructive debate, as we will be joined by experts who can help us design the best models for cannabis treatment, methods of use and managing the accessibility of this priceless medication in Slovenia, as well. 

We hope that this year’s seminar will represent a step forward, and that cannabis as a medication will, as soon as possible, be made accessible to everyone who needs it. 

As in previous years, we have endeavoured to ensure the presence of leading experts in the field. You are therefore cordially invited to support our endeavours with participation.