Biographical note

Sean IvanNolimal

student of economy

(1987–2017). Was born in Denver, Colorado, USA: He attained his High school Diploma/ IB certificate in USA at South High school in Denver, Colorado and Slovenia, Gimnazija Bežigrad (International Baccalaureate) in 2005. He started his theoretical and practical research in economic and ethical fields by being the student of business and economy at Gea College, Ljubljana, Slovenia, University of Colorado Boulder, Colorado USA and was the student at Faculty of Economy at University of Ljubljana. His interest was focused on international marketing and strategy, and the comparison of the USA vs. European political economy. He had also many practical work experiences in the business and ethical field (was responsible for selling various products and continuously achieved positive performance evaluations; as a mentor volunteer, he mentored few children from disadvantaged households, encouraging them to stay in education). His research interests included the principles of scientific management, human relations movement, human rights, corporate social responsibility and ethical philosophy. Among a list of things that always made him smile were sun, techno/music and family. He had excellent social skills and was good at creating discussions and conversations, combining business, empathy and social responsibility. He was also passionate about volunteering with refugees and had strong awareness of cross-cultural communications and sensitivity. He is co-author of several scientific articles in the field of organizational behavior, human rights and public health in Slovenia. This included one of his last and most influential article The responsibility for linking research, policy and practice in public health: the case study on drug addiction treatment available at

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2017 Human rights, public health and medical cannabis Abstract