Biographical note

DavidNeubauer, PhD, MD

neurologist, researcher

  • University Medical Centre Ljubljana (UMCL)
  • University of Ljubljana – Medical Faculty
  • Division of Paediatrics
  • Dept. of Child, Adolescent & Developmental Neurology –
  • Past Head – 1996–2014

Memberships, etc

  • Director of the NGO-Foundation of Child Neurology, Slovenia (since 1997)
  • President of the Paediatric Board at Slovenian Medical Association
  • President of the Board of Paediatrics at the Ministry of Health, Slovenia
  • Past President of the Ethics WG at EAP- European Academy of Paediatrics, Paediatric Section of UEMS (2006-2017)
  • EACD – member
  • EPNS – member
  • ICNA – member


  • Diploma of Medicine, University of Ljubljana, Medical Faculty: 1978
  • Board of Paediatrics. 8. 12. 1984
  • Licence in Paediatrics
  • Licence in Child Neurology
  • PhD Thesis at University of Ljubljana, Medical faculty: 12.11.1993
  • At Medical Faculty, Ljubljana: Chair of Paediatrics
  • Full professor since 2006
  • Senior Councillor/Senior consultant from1999 At Ministry of Health, Slovenia:
  • Visiting professor and senior consultant in Child Neurology: since 1993 – until present at Ministry of Health, Kuwait:
  • Studies abroad: Lyon and Paris, France: 1981, 1984, London, UK: 1984, 1990

Present positions held:

  • Head of the Paediatric Council at The Ministry of Health, Slovenia
  • Past Head of Paediatric Board at the Slovenian Medical Association (2010-2017)

Field(s) of clinical and research interest

  • Neonatal neurology
  • Neurophysiology – paediatric EEG
  • Rare diseases (neurodegenerative/neurometabolic)
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Ethics

Projects (cooperation):

  • Hypoxic-ischaemic encephalopathy
  • RESPECT – ethical issues on children research
  • nEUroped – rare diseases in neuropaediatrics
  • NOTE – on-line learning in Neonatology
  • SCPE-4Net – Surveillance of cerebral palsy in Europe
  • PHIME – impact of mercury on early child development

Literature: see here

Lectures and workshops on our seminars

2019 Slovenian experience with the use of cannabis and domestic cannabis products in the treatment of persistent epilepsy, certain epileptic syndromes, and encephalopathies of the childhood period Abstract